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Cutting Boards

Why use wood?  It is better for your knives, is self-healing, easy to maintain, built to last and safer than plastic from bacterial contamination.

CARE:  Wash with hot, soapy water after use (if you use it for cutting meat, it's a good idea to wipe it with vinegar or a mild bleach solution) and let dry.  Never soak any wooden utensil in water as it will crack or warp.  About once a month, you should oil your boards to keep them supple.  I use wood cream/spoon butter which is a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil.  I sell it in 2 and 3 oz containers.  You can also use plain mineral oil.  Apply it at night, let it absorb the oil overnight and wipe it off in the morning.  When your working side is showing wear, it can be sanded and re-oiled to keep it like new.



Wooden Spoons:


I use watercolors, Prismacolor Pencils and Markers to color in some of my designs.