We use only professional, high quality face paints that wash off with soap and water.  

Children under the age of 3 can have their hand or leg painted with a small design.  We do not paint their faces.

 Note:  We cannot paint anyone who has any open cuts or sores on their face, a cold sore, conjunctivitis, or any other known infectious skin condition, a food allergy or allergic reactions to soaps, skin creams, etc., without a prior skin test. If the child has a runny nose, their hand could be painted instead.  We expect children to have a clean face ready to be painted on! :)

**Some people wonder why face painting is so expensive when you're only painting for 2 hours, but there is much more involved to bring that time to life for you and your family.  Please read this blog to get an idea of what is involved:

Gretchen's Blog


Rates are for Scranton area and mid-Wayne County, PA including Waymart, South Canaan, Hamlin, Sterling, Newfoundland, Greentown, Hawley, Honesdale, and Carbondale.  Further distances available for additional travel fee.  Prices to be quoted upon request.

I have been face painting for over 30 years.  Jareth, my son, has been painting with me for over a year now. He is usually wearing his blue hat and a silly expression! ​Danielle helps us out whenever she can. She can usually be found on New Year's Eve at First Night in Scranton. Brendan, my youngest son, also helps out by dressing in character. He makes an awesome Captain Hook and Uncle Sam!!

Jareth, Brendan and I share a genetic condition known as HHT or Osler Weber Rendu Syndrome.  If you'd like to know more about it, go to www.hht.org.  Most people who have this uncommon disorder don't even know it.  One of the main symptoms is nosebleeds.

Face Painting Memories

I no longer face paint because it was very hard on my back, but I enjoy looking at some of the designs.

About Us

Rates are $150 for the first 2 hours plus $50 each additional hour after that.  Approximately 10-15 people can be painted in an hour. **See below​